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A critical component of the visioning process is public input. Below is a public comment tool which allows people to submit their ideas about Canyon Park and assign those comments with specific locations. The tool also provides the opportunity to see what others are saying.

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Select Add Your Own Marker below to submit your comments and ideas. Click anywhere on the map to submit ideas or insights related to future planning for the area. Use the drop-down menu in the pop-up box that will appear to help organize your idea or insight by specific topics. Be sure to click "submit" when finished!

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Housing Housing includes: preferred types, location, style, appearance, etc.
Services in the Area Services include: restaurants, salons, and grocery stores.
Quality of Life Things that make the area special: restaurants, walking, trails, active recreation, etc.
Transportation This includes transit, biking, walking, car pool, and single occupant vehicles.
Recreation Recreation includes passive uses such as trails, picnic tables or active uses such as tennis courts, playfields, etc.
Open Space/Natural Environment What areas should be saved or preserved?
Industry and Employment Industries and businesses in the area.
Regulations/ Land Use This includes building height, density, and appearance.
General This includes all other types of comments.